K2HR3 (K2Hdkc based Resource and Roles and policy Rules) is one of extended RBAC (Role Based Access Control) system.
K2HR3 works as RBAC in conjunction with IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) and provides convenient functions for using RBAC To do.
Currently available IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) is OpenStack and kubernetes.

K2HR3 gathers common management information for the cloud, and is built K2HASH, K2HASH TRANSACTION PLUGIN, CHMPX and K2HDKC components.
K2HR3 is one of AntPickax’s open source product by Yahoo! JAPAN.

K2HR3 System


Overview about K2HR3 system.


The explanation of the detailed Feature of K2HR3 system.

What’s new

What’s new about K2HR3 system.


Detail of K2HR3 system.


How to use K2HR3 system for your systems.
The following items are explained.


How to setup K2HR3 system.
There are the following setup methods.


Detailed description of the programming interface provided by K2HR3 system for developers. And explained how to build JavaScript loaded in the browser to use K2HR3 system.
All source code related to the K2HR3 system is published on GitHub.

Environments and Settings

Description of Environment and Settings variables used by K2HR3 system to load.


A list of Tools provided by K2HR3.

About AntPickax

AntPickax is product group that is provided as open source by Yahoo! JAPAN.
Please see the AntPickax details page.