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This section describes how to use K2HR3 system.

Basic Usage

Basic Usage page provides the K2HR3 basic terms and essential procedures to use K2HR3 system as a RBAC(Role Based Access Control) system.
After reading the page, you will find out how to access to RESOURCE by using K2HR3 system.

K2HR3 Template Engine

USER can provide dynamic RESOURCE for each user and define/register it as TEMPLATE in K2HR3 system.
The K2HR3 Template Engine is used to create dynamic RESOURCE from the TEMPLATE.
Dynamic RESOURCE make USER more efficient.
The description and usage of TEMPLATE defining dynamic RESOURCE is described in K2HR3 template engine.


K2HR3 system provides the +SERVICE feature that provides USER to cooperate with each other very easily. To use the +SERVICE feature, USER firstly defines a SERVICE in a K2HR3 system.

See the +SERVICE Usage page for details after reading the Basic Usage page.

Web Application Usage

In order to operate ROLE, POLICY-RULE, RESOURCE and SERVICE, USER can use K2HR3 Web Application as the control panel provided by the K2HR3 system.
K2HR3 Web Application describes how to operate these data using the browser.

K2HR3 Usage - Application overview

Demonstration site

You can experience the K2HR3 Web Application on K2HR3 Demonstration.
You can learn the operation of ROLE, POLICY-RULE, RESOURCE and SERVICE provided by the K2HR3 system.


The REST API Usage page provides information about K2HR3 REST API that every USER can define and use ROLE, POLICY-RULE, RESOURCE and SERVICE.
See the REST API Usage page for details.

How to access RESOURCE as RBAC

K2HR3 provides RBAC(Role Based Access Control) system that controls access from ROLE to RESOURCE with POLICY-RULE.
USER defines RESOURCE, defines the access method as POLICY-RULE, and registers the access source HOST to be permitted as a ROLE member.

The usage of the RBAC system provided by this K2HR3 system is explained in RBAC Usage page.

Other Usage

See the other usage page for the other use cases.

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