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TENANT Usage for K2HR3 Web Application

This section explains how to operate TENANT using the K2HR3 Web Application.


The K2HR3 system cooperates with IaaS(OpenStack etc).
TENANT of the K2HR3 system refers to the tenant(or project) to which the user(USER) of IaaS(OpenStack) belongs.

Selection of TENANT

After signing in with the K2HR3 Web Application, the following screen will be displayed.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Select Tenant

In order to operate data of RESOURCE, POLICY-RULE, ROLE, SERVICE, please select TENANT to which these data to operate belong.

You can select TENANT by the following procedure.

  1. Click K2HR3 Select Tenant Button next to the button [TENANT] Unselected to select TENANT.
  2. A list of TENANTs to which the USER you are signed in belongs to is displayed.
  3. Select one TENANT.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Select Tenant

When TENANT is selected, the information of RESOURCE, POLICY-RULE(display as POLICY), ROLE, SERVICE registered in the TENANT is displayed in left side tree and can be used.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Selected Tenant

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