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RESOURCE Usage for K2HR3 Web Application

This section explains how to operate RESOURCE using the K2HR3 Web Application.

Display of RESOURCE

If RESOURCE has not yet been registered in TENANT(when using the K2HR3 system for the first time), registration of RESOURCE is required first.
If RESOURCE data already exists, you can check registered RESOURCE by selecting RESOURCE in the left tree.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Resource Top

Registering RESOURCE

To register RESOURCE, select RESOURCE in the left tree, then click the K2HR3 Add Button button next to [RESOURCE] at the top.
To register a hierarchical RESOURCE(RESOURCE with parent), select the existing RESOURCE to be made a parent from the left tree and click the button.

After clicking the button, a dialog for registering RESOURCE is displayed.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Resource Create Dialog

Enter the RESOURCE name in the displayed dialog and click the K2HR3 OK Button button to register RESOURCE.

Items displayed in dialog and their contents are shown below.

After registered RESOURCE, you can see by deploying RESOURCE in the left tree.

Editing of RESOURCE

To edit the contents of already registered RESOURCE, first select RESOURCE to edit in the left tree.
After selection, the data of the RESOURCE data is displayed in the main area of K2HR3 Web Application.

You can directly edit, add, or delete this RESOURCE data.
After editing, you can save the RESOURCE data by clicking the K2HR3 SAVE Button button. To discard the editing, please click the K2HR3 CANCEL Button button.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Resource Page

After selecting RESOURCE, the items displayed in the main area will be explained.

Attribute information of RESOURCE

To display RESOURCE attribute information, first select RESOURCE in the left tree.
After selection, click K2HR3 Path Button on the left side of [RESOURCE] to display the RESOURCE attribute information(Selected Path Information) dialog.
The attribute information of RESOURCE is displayed in this dialog.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Resource Information

The following describes attribute information of RESOURCE.

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