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POLICY-RULE Usage for K2HR3 Web Application

This section explains how to operate POLICY-RULE using the K2HR3 Web Application.

Display of POLICY-RULE

If POLICY-RULE has not yet been registered in TENANT(when using the K2HR3 system for the first time), registration of POLICY-RULE is required first.
If POLICY-RULE data already exists, you can check registered POLICY-RULE by selecting POLICY-RULE in the left tree.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Policy Top

Registering POLICY-RULE

To register POLICY-RULE, select POLICY-RULE in the left tree, then click the K2HR3 Add Button button next to [POLICY-RULE] at the top.
After clicking the button, a dialog for registering POLICY-RULE is displayed.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Policy Create Dialog

Enter the POLICY-RULE name in the displayed dialog and click the K2HR3 OK Button button to register POLICY-RULE.

Items displayed in dialog and their contents are shown below.

After registered POLICY-RULE, you can see by deploying POLICY in the left tree.

Editing of POLICY-RULE

To edit the contents of already registered POLICY-RULE, first select POLICY to edit in the left tree.
After selection, the data of the POLICY-RULE data is displayed in the main area of K2HR3 Web Application.

You can directly edit, add, or delete this POLICY-RULE data.
After editing, you can save the POLICY-RULE data by clicking the K2HR3 SAVE Button button. To discard the editing, please click the K2HR3 CANCEL Button button.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Policy Page

After selecting POLICY-RULE, the items displayed in the main area will be explained.

Attribute information of POLICY-RULE

To display POLICY-RULE attribute information, first select POLICY in the left tree.
After selection, click K2HR3 Path Button on the left side of [POLICY] to display the POLICY-RULE attribute information(Selected Path Information) dialog.
The attribute information of POLICY-RULE is displayed in this dialog.

K2HR3 Usage Application - Policy Information

The following describes attribute information of POLICY-RULE.

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