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USERDATA Subcommand

Describes the userdata subcommand of the K2HR3 Command Line Interface(CLI).

The userdata subcommand is a feature that provides the USERDATA API as a Command Line Interface(CLI). For more information on the API, see USERDATA API.

This command requires a K2HR3 Scoped token. Specify the Scoped token of K2HR3 in the option or configuration file, or specify the --interactive(-i) option.


Gets and displays the UserDataScript for OpenStack.


k2hr3 userdata [registerpath] [--output file path]

Get the contents of UserDataScript for OpenStack by specifying the registrepath that will be obtained when the role token is generated. For information on working with role tokens, see Role Subcommand.


You can specify the following options:

CLI acr Command Line Interface CLI extdata