CLI role Command Line Interface CLI resource

Policy Subcommand

Describes the policy subcommand of the K2HR3 Command Line Interface(CLI).

The policy subcommand is a feature that provides the POLICY API as a Command Line Interface(CLI). For more information on the API, see POLICY API.

This command requires a K2HR3 Scoped token. Specify the Scoped token of K2HR3 in the option or configuration file, or specify the --interactive(-i) option.


Displays POLICY-RULE information.


k2hr3 policy show [policy name | yrn path]

Displays information on the specified POLICY-RULE.


Generate a POLICY-RULE.


k2hr3 policy create [policy name | yrn path] [--effect effect type] [--action action type] [--resource resource yrn path] [--alias policy yrn path]

Create a POLICY-RULE with accompanying information.


Delete the POLICY-RULE.


k2hr3 policy delete [policy name | yrn path]

Deletes the specified POLICY-RULE.


You can specify the following options:

CLI role Command Line Interface CLI resource